Dedicated to bringing together artists, people working in the cultural sector and other creative minds, our new event series: Raki Prinzip – Intersection Sessions combines the intimate experience of a dinner night with an informal discussion on the relationship between the private and the public and the politics surrounding these terms. In the setting of the Intersection Sessions, half public but with a familiar private feel, we ask the question: What is the relation of this unequal pair, private-public, in your published work and your everyday life?

We encourage you to enter this discussion on when, whether, or how your (art)works enter the politics of being in the thin or uneasy line between private and public. We are interested in the various notions of these terms, dependent on different backgrounds, locations and positions in societies.

Originally created as a „Counter-Stammtisch“ in response to the rising visibility of right-wing positions in public, we were seeking for a new format that could include discussions on social issues by bringing together various foreigners on one table for an evening.

Established and newly arising right wing assemblies drink Schnaps and chant their simple slogans – at our table, we engage with the complexity of the world and with critical thought. Our events are open to anyone who doesn’t want to indulge in romantic escapism and fight real-world conflicts only in private backyards. We want to push forward a collective discussion-culture.


– Ariana Dongus, Freia Kuper, Yalın Özer & Elisa Pieper (founders)